Kitchen and Bath of Livingston NJ: Premium Kitchen and Bath Remodeler

It has often been said that the heart of the home is the kitchen. If that is really true, then why is it that some kitchen designs just don’t seem to support more than one cook or guest at a time? You can turn your kitchen into a functional and beautiful workspace and gathering place for the entire family. Even if you have the limited square footage, there just may be more room for expansion, storage, and oh yeah, cooking in your kitchen than you think.

Counters & Cabinets

Storage is definitely a consideration in designing a functional kitchen. If you are limited by floor space, just lookup. There is often a great deal of space between the countertops and ceiling that just isn’t being used in a kitchen. Look at the space above the refrigerator. Is yours just collecting dust or taking out menus? If so, add a cabinet and you’ve got a great place to store seldom-used platters or treats you want to keep hidden from the children.

Kitchen cabinets also don’t have to be limited to one side of the countertop. If your kitchen design has a peninsula or island, you can use the ends and backside for more cabinet storage space.
Kitchen cabinets come in more styles and finishes than you can imagine. However, if your budget is limited then you don’t need to replace them for an entirely new look. Cabinet refacing lets you select cabinet patterns that are up to date and beautiful. Visit this website to get more insight, Kitchen and Bath Remodel

New countertops don’t always need to be included in this home improvement project either. Laminate countertops come with repair strips that will give new life to a worn surface.

Laying Out Completely New Kitchen Designs

If your budget calls for a complete renovation, then now is the time to really think about layouts and maybe calling in some specialists. The basic theory is that there should be no more than 2 steps between workstations. That means you should be able to go from the sink to stove in 2 steps; from the range to the refrigerator in 2 steps and so on. However, with today’s extra large-sized kitchens that’s not the case anymore. You still should choose layouts that consider how much time it takes to accomplish the normal tasks of putting dishes away from the dishwasher or getting foods from the refrigerator to the stove.

The newest gadgets in these mega kitchens make time-saving and energy efficiency into an art form. There are refrigerator drawers right next to the range and microwaves that brew your coffee while making your toast!

Fixtures and Furniture

The finishing touches are what make kitchen designs more inviting than ever. The furnishings, light fixtures, and even the cabinet hardware can make kitchens into real living rooms. Look for task lighting that can highlight workspaces and then radiant lighting for the atmosphere. You can even turn the legs of old furniture or newel posts into bases for center islands to make your kitchen furnishings blend with the rest of the house. Get creative and enjoy doing much more than cooking in your new kitchen.