The Ultimate Tips for a Successful Auckland House Move

You’ve finally found that home and it was a long time coming, it wasn’t easy but you’ve finally marked it off your list of things to do. Whether it was somewhere to rent or you very first home purchase, it feels great but the thought of moving is leaving you feel stressed.

Moving house in Auckland is not something that we do very often so feeling a bit overwhelmed is understandable. However, moving house doesn’t have to be an anxious time during a period of excitement where you have something to look forward to; all you need is to follow these ultimate tips to give you a successful move.

Plan your move in advance

You wouldn’t organize a wedding at short notice would you? It’s the same with moving house. As soon as you know when you’re getting the keys, try and put a framework in place. It doesn’t have to be set in stone as some flexibility is usually required when it comes to negotiating with furniture movers. Give yourself at minimum of at least 6 to 8 weeks’ notice; this will give you a chance to organize at a steady pace without being pressured by the amount of tasks that need to be done before the deadline.

Find a reputable mover

Anyone can search for a mover easily, however finding a professional reputable mover can be rather difficult. Ask friends and families for their recommendations, read reviews online for moving companies that you are interested in. Compare Auckland movers and get quotations from multiple movers to get an idea of what options are available. Your decision shouldn’t be based on cost alone but should also factor in reliability, experience, service and communication.

Collect boxes

Stockpile boxes ahead of time and make a big enough collection, you can never have enough boxes during a move and the more the better. Why? Because boxes are easy to stack and they fit nicely inside a moving truck without wasting valuable truck space.  Organize boxes by weight so the heavier ones are at the bottom and the lighter are stacked on top, that way you won’t get a nasty surprise when you lifting.

Take items you only need

Moving provides the perfect opportunity to reduce your contents and free yourself from clutter. Have a think about whether your existing furniture will fit in your new home, if not it’s probably time to sell it or donate it because moving it will only cost you more money. It can often be too hard of a job to go through your belongings and make a decision to keep or not, however if you haven’t used something in the last 2 years that’s tucked away, then you probably won’t ever use it.

Disassemble big items

If you have any furniture that is large and bulky and awkward to stack, then break them down to reduce the size. Not only will it reduce the cost of having movers disassemble it for you, it will fit better in the truck and reduce the likelihood of being damaged and that has to be a good thing.