How To Pack Boxes For A Successful Relocation

Some consider their belongings as their treasure. If it is cheap or expensive, owners may find their stuff valuable because of its function or sentimental value. For these reasons, home relocation may require careful packaging and storage for easier transfer. Putting them into boxes reduces the stress of bringing the items one by one, as it also ensures that they are well kept while it is on transit.

Thinking of unpacking even before doing the packing process may already upset some people. If you are one of them, don’t worry. Professional Melbourne removalists have some expert tips and hacks that will make packing boxes easier than ever.

Getting prepared

  1. Prepare in advance.

Create a checklist from the moment you confirm that you will be relocating and place them into a place where it is highly visible and accessible, such as in the fridge’s outer door. This will easily remind you to add something you might forget in the process of packing. In addition, check for different moving companies that will fit your budget and items. This will help you decide what size and kind of box you need to get.

  1. Get your packing supplies.

After booking a moving company, get all of the things you will need for packing. This will include boxes and adhesive tapes of different sizes, markers for labeling, bubble wrap for fragile items, and other things that you think will help keep the items secure while in transit. Tip: Use towels, shirts, or soft curtains as a wrap for breakable items.

  1. Throw away those you don’t need.

Excessive packages may incur additional charges or can make the unpacking process more time-consuming. You may try Marie Kondo’s techniques when it comes to choosing the items you would like to keep. If you don’t want to throw them, donate them to a charitable institution that can accept them.

  1. Clean items while packing them.

Instead of just placing them straight inside the box, clean the items first. This will make unpacking easier, as you can place them straight into the areas you would like them to. It will get you settled faster instead of doing the cleaning process while unpacking to the new location.

  1. Keep small items into resealable bags.

It is an additional burden in moving to a new house to look for the small items in different boxes. Get a resealable bag (or a ziplock bag) for items that are smaller than your fist, and gather them into one smaller box that will fit them all. Label them for faster identification and save time on searching through all the bags and boxes.

  1. Just in case…

Some people may live a busier life compared to others. Just in case you are caught up in a last-minute relocation, start by checking the means of transportation first. In packing things into the boxes, consider packing all of them instead of sorting them. This will save you time and make sure that you did not forget anything just because you are in a hurry.

Packing boxes require a step-by-step process to ensure that all of your stuff is organized while it is on its way to the new home. If done right, relocation will be a relatively easy task.