How to Level Uneven Concrete Floor

Before beginning the process, make sure that the DIYers can only handle the minor slab issues, such as settling the small sections of floor where the water tends to collect and leveling the cement with the surface. You must need to call a professional to fix the major repairs because these processes use specialized equipment and techniques that are far outside the skill level of most homeowners.

 Equipment / Tools Broom,Shop vacuum, Scrub brush,8-ft. 2×4,Angle grinder with coarse grinding wheel,Pointed trowel,Caulk gun (if needed,Plastic bucket,Paintbrush (if needed),Paint roller (if needed), Concrete oil stain remover or dishwashing soap,Concrete patch (if needed),Leveling cement,Bonding additive (if needed) and Concrete sealer or paint (optional) . First of all, clean the entire slab and remove the oil stains by using commercial concrete oil stain remover but if you find difficulty in removing the stain then abrading the area with a grinder will help the leveling cement adhere.

Mark the low spots and use an angle grinder with a coarse grinding wheel from where the slab has cracked and sagged unevenly. Grind down the stubborn staining areas and remove all traces of grinding dust with a shop vac. Repair deep cracks and depressions by using the non-shrinking concrete patch and use a pointed trowel to fill the patch and gaps and allow it to fully dry and cure before proceeding. Prime the area and mix the leveling cement as per the manufacturer’s directions.

Apply the leveling cement with a light brush over the surface of the leveling cement before it completely gets dried that will give it a texture to patch the surrounding area. Allow the surface to dry, and apply a fresh coat sealer to the entire garage floor after the patch gets dried. Now you can paint the entire surface but if the issue with your garage is still not solved, get professional assistance by visiting Garage door Repair Services in Woodbridge, NJ.

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